A gentle and long-lasting approach to realignment

Misalignment can cause physical pain, poor posture and restricted movement. Energy body realignment uses a light-touch and vibrational energy to release soft tissue and fascia, helping bones to move back into alignment naturally and releasing the psoas muscle, which is essential for realignment to be long-lasting.


For sensitive animals, this gentle and non-invasive treatment is a good alternative to chiropractic treatment.

Although I work primarily with animals, I also practice energy body realignment for humans.

physical therapy for horse, Exercise and


Animals love the experience of massage and energy work. Because each animal responds differently, I may combine therapeutic techniques during a session (at no extra cost) to get the best results for your dog.


£30 per treatment at my clinic/ £35 per treatment at your home*

I treat dogs from my home, or I can come to you, which is often the best option for their comfort. 


£55 per treatment session*

Large animals are treated at your home or yard.


£45 per treatment session*

I treat people from my home, or I can come to you.


Booking Terms and Conditions:

1. Treatment sessions are approximately 60 minutes but may vary according to how much the animal can process in one session.
2. Treatments must be paid for in full at the time of consultation.

3. Cancellations within 24 hours of a booking may incur a cancellation fee.

4. Travel charges apply for distances over 10km from Long Marston.